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Here you will find all the workshop options being offered on Boys Campus. Please take a few moments to browse through the different choices with your son. Keep in mind, you will need to choose a first, second & third option. Of course we always try to give every camper his first choice whenever possible. 

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For Main Campus Boys

Director: Brian Fine


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Breathing, Kicking, and Arm Stroke Exercises

  • Use of Kickboards, and Flippers

  • Practices of Water Safety

  • Treading Drills

  • Body Positioning Concept of Hydrodynamics

  • Canoe Tests

  • Elements of Maintaining Safety Procedures around the Pool and Lake

Objective: To teach stamina-based aquatic skills while instilling a spirit of appreciation of swimming as a form of exercise, and an awareness of water safety. Our emphasis is on developing stroke skills for the younger campers with a high concentration on the Crawl, and Breaststroke used for recreational and/or competitive purposes. For the older campers, the emphasis is to continue stroke improvement, lake swimming, as well as canoeing, kayaking, and row-boating skills. For high school aged campers, significant safety skills will be taught including life guard training.



For Main Campus Boys

Directors: Brian Kalb & Aaron Cohen


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Conditioning

  • Footwork

  • Groundstroke - Forehand & Backhand Serving

  • Net Play

  • Volley

  • Tennis Strategy

Objective: To provide each participant with an intense and organized instructional program and to provide a range of quality tennis playing opportunity for players of all ages and experience. Participants will learn the fundamentals of tennis and work on agility, balance and coordination skills while developing the on-court skills needed to serve, rally, and score. The goal is to advance each camper’s skill set within the game.


Mountain Biking

For Main Campus Boys

Director: Ram Granot


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Braking

  • Gear Changing

  • Oil & Replace Chain

  • Check Tire Pressure Properly

  • Body Positioning

  • Etiquette on the Trail

  • Bike Safety

  • Sharp Turns

Objective: To use mountain biking as a powerful tool to teach valuable lessons in leadership. We offer an adventure activity as a healthy outlet for youth, encouraging them to adopt positive behaviors and pastimes as part of their identity. We have created a unique curriculum that is tailored to the demographics of each group. The curriculum harnesses and strengthens the inherent physical, mental and emotional challenges of mountain biking, while at the same time connecting the campers with nature and Hashem. Mountain biking is a sport that requires skill, attention and focus. When our riders are "in the zone", they are focused on balancing their own need to overcome personal challenges and at the same time to be mindful of the needs of the people around them.

Please bring your own bike helmets and gloves if you have.



For Main Campus Boys


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Training & Conditioning

  • Serving – Underhand & Overhand

  • Passing- Bump Pass & Setting

  • Spiking

  • Blocking

  • Defense

Objective: To teach volleyball skills as well as sportsmanship, discipline, goal achievement, self-confidence, teamwork and a mindset of continuous learning and improvement through the sport of volleyball. During the beginning stage of learning, players will develop an understanding of the concepts, principles, and mechanics involved in volleyball. Drills aimed at developing this level of understanding will emphasize mechanics rather than the integration of the skill into playing situations. During the intermediate stage, the focus will be on learning to perform the skills. During the final phase of the workshop, when skills have been established, players will focus on tactical applications. The subtleties of tempo control and ongoing competitive adjustments will also be addressed



For Main Campus Boys

Director: Yosef Naor


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Conditioning

  • Stick Handling

  • Balance & Footwork

  • Passing & Receiving

  • Power Plays & Penalty Kills

  • Shooting

  • Goal Keeping

  • Formation Drills

Objective: To teach skills development and to instill discipline, respect, dedication and teamwork in all of our participants. The game of hockey is a team sport that requires a strong blend of physical and mental skills for competition. Players will develop a solid base of the fundamentals which include effective stick handling, shooting, and passing, moving along a continuum of basic individual skills to complex, competitive, team skills. This program is designed for campers who want to take their knowledge of hockey skills to a new level.



For Main Campus Boys

Director: Jonathan Bayaz


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Conditioning

  • Hustle

  • Triple Threat

  • Layups

  • Footwork

  • Shooting Form


  • Ball Handling

  • Passing

  • Basic Cuts & Screens

  • Box Outs

  • Rebounding

  • Outlet Passes

Objective: To teach the fundamentals of basketball in a fun and challenging environment and to help participants gain confidence, challenge themselves, and improve their skills. The fundamentals, including how to dribble, shoot, pass, rebound, and defend will be taught and participants will practice and refine these skills. Divisional alignment through age and skill level will allow for every player to have the opportunity to become thoroughly involved at the level of play that each has attained.


Chidon HaTanach

For Main Campus Boys

Director: Chinuch Staff

Daily Areas of Focus:

  • People in Tanach

  • Places in Tanach

  • Events in Tanach

  • Identifying common words throughout Tanach

Objective:  Run by our amazing Chinuch Staff, Chidon Hatanach will give campers  an opportunity to really improve their knowledge of all three sections of Tanach, and test their knowledge against other Tanach-loving campers. Campers will be competing against each other twice during the summer.


For Main Campus Boys

Director: Waterfront Staff


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Techniques of different lures

  • Baiting a hook

  • Casting

  • Using a reel

  • "Catch and Release"

Objective: To learn proper fishing techniques while fishing at our pristine lake which spans over 200 acres.

"Create-It" Art

For Older Nerot & Shalhevet Boys 

Director: Dena Issacs


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Develop creativity

  • Create Do-It-Yourself projects

  • Enhance your ability to work with your hands

  • Expose yourself to a variety of creative mediums

Objective: This workshop is for boys who LOVE arts and crafts!!! The workshop gives you an opportunity to use your creativity and your hands to create breathtaking projects. You will have a chance to make Do It Yourself projects that you will use and enjoy for many years to come! Be prepared to use your imagination, to use your hands and to have lots and lots of fun! Can't wait to see you all there!


For Older Nerot & Shalhevet Boys

Director: Dina Simon


Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Correct Techniques

  • Strategic Thinking and Movement

  • Full Body Workout

  • Healthy Competition

  • Having Fun!

Have fun playing improvisation and acting games with your friends and fellow campers!  Improvisation is all about acting without a script so you can be any kind of character you want.  It’s a fun and entertaining way to get out of your comfort zone and express yourself.


For Main Campus Boys

Director: Tali Naor

Objective: To provide a fun safe environment for kids to learn a new sport they may otherwise not have access to learn elsewhere.  The fencing program will cover all the basics of footwork and bladework, giving the campers the necessary skills to learn proper fencing techniques, attacks and repostes.  Fencing is a great sport that does not only rely on athleticism; it is like physical chess, combining strategic thinking with speed, accuracy, and agility.  Campers will play fun and challenging games to learn the techniques, and will participate in fencing bouts throughout the summer, culminating in a tournament at the end of camp.



For Main Campus Boys

Directors: Lacey Kalb & Bracha Goldberg

Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Kitchen Safety

  • Liquid/Dry Measurements

  • Marinating & Grilling

  • Salads & Dressings

  • Baking & Cake Decorating

  • Table Setting & Presentation

  • Menu Planning

Objective:To teach campers how to cook a variety of tasty and nutritious meals and snacks, in a safe and fun setting. Campers will have the opportunity to be creative and experiment with different ideas, utilizing fresh, locally grown ingredients and flavors from around the world. Campers will gain confidence with various kitchen tools and learn to take recipes to new heights. This workshop is designed for all campers. They will learn the basic methods of cooking and food preparation and progress to personalizing their own menus. Using some ideas from popular reality cooking shows like Iron Chef and Throwdown, the culinary workshop will open up campers’ minds to cooking in a new and exciting way.



For Main Campus Boys

Director: Sports Staff 

Daily Areas of Focus:

  • Conditioning

  • Hustle

  • Footwork

  • Passing

  • Scoring

Objective: To teach the fundamentals of soccer in a fun and challenging environment and to help participants gain confidence, challenge themselves, and improve their skills. The fundamentals, including how to pass, score and defend will be taught and participants will practice and refine these skills. 



For Nitzotzot & Younger Nerot Boys

Director: Mark Dubin

Join Mesorah legend Mr. Dubin as he explores all the amazing trees, plants, ponds and small animals that live in and around Camp Mesorah. 

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